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River to Recovery is a non-profit organization founded in Fall River, Massachusetts.

We are a recovery support center that provides recovery coaches, recovery support navigators, nurses, and licensed therapists that are always on site to provide one-on-one personalized support to any addict seeking recovery. We also have outside organizations run groups at our facility including Narcotics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous, Christian-based 12 Steps, and more. River to Recovery is seeking help from other community businesses so that we can expand our resources to further treat and assist our clients with substance use disorders.

We believe that with hard work and dedication, we can aid in saving the lives of those who struggle with the disease of addiction.


Steven Williamson - Board President

Eric Lamy - Secretary

Lisa Longo - Member at Large

Raymond Phillips - Member at Large

Elizabeth Watmough - Member at Large


Executive Director: Kevin Doyle

Clinical Supervisor: Natalie Clark

Licensed Clinical Social Worker: Nicole Vermiglio

Nurse Practitioner: Heidi Martins

Recovery Coach Supervisor: Jocelyn Cabral


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